brazilian waxing make it easySo, your client is a Brazilian waxing virgin and is ready to take the plunge! But they are feeling nervous. Understandable. Ask anyone to strip down to endure a little discomfort while in compromising body positions, that is high on the list of anxiety inducing situations.

How can you make the experience one to remember, in a good way? Getting a Brazilian wax doesn’t have to be something uncomfortable. In fact, most clients breathe a sigh of relief after their first experience IF certain criteria have been followed by the waxing professional.

A Brazilian wax is removing all the hair in the bikini area front and back. That’s right everything is removed in the front plus between the cheeks in the back.

The popularity of the Brazilian wax has grown due to the benefits it offers; comfort and smooth skin that lasts for a month. The hair will grow back finer and sparse. Softer hair and less of it is a huge perk. Spin class? No problem. Beach time? No worries. 

The hurdle for the client is to get through the first appointment. The process becomes easier with each appointment thereafter. As the hair follicle is destroyed through the waxing process it becomes less painful. After waxing long-term, most clients literally won’t feel discomfort. But for the first timer, it can be a bit uncomfortable. The goal for us, as estheticians or waxing experts, is to make the appointment go smoothly. Literally. A pain free Brazilian wax will create a client for life. 

The client will need to let the hair grow in for a few weeks and discontinue any ingrown hair products a few days before the appointment and then game time!

5 steps to make the first time easy for the client.

1. Educate yourself

Graduating from esthetic or cosmetology school may be a big accomplishment but sadly you may not be prepared to dive right in to do a Brazilian wax on a client.

Just like other services such as advanced skincare services or even hair color, you will need advanced education and practice. Be sure to search for highly reputable classes that will help you to understand all the components of Brazilian waxing.

A hands-on class is ideal. Then practice. While learning, the Brazilian wax could take 45 minutes or longer. This will be too long for a client in terms of comfort and their schedule. Once you feel confident and you are able do the service in 30 minutes or less you are ready to go.


Cirepil blue wax

2. Choose the Best Wax.

Search for a high-quality wax that will create a comfortable experience for the client plus makes it easier for you to work efficiently. There are several choices in the Cirépil range. Intimate wax is specially designed for the bikini area, but you can also opt for Cristalline (hypoallergenic wax) or Boudoir if you prefer a scented wax.

A wax that breaks or that you need to go over the same area several times will take longer, use more wax and create a poor experience for your client.


3. Work towards the goal.

For the hesitant client, working towards the goal of the full Brazilian is often very helpful. Let’s say the goal is to receive a Brazilian wax for their trip to Hawaii, begin the process a few months before. Start with a basic bikini.

The next appointment, do an extended bikini wax. This is in between a bikini and a Brazilian going in further on the sides and lower on the top.

The next appointment, go for the whole Brazilian. The hair that has been previously waxed is much less painful the second or third time. Doing is slowly means that only some of the hair will be being waxed for the first time making for a much more pleasant experience.



4. Prep the skin.

To make a Brazilian wax easier for the client and to protect the skin, the skin must be prepped before waxing.

Try using a pre waxing oil. This will create a barrier between the wax and the skin and will help the wax to release easily without pulling the skin. 


5. Keep it cool.

Nothing like high anxiety to make a client literally start sweating. Almost every Brazilian wax client will have an anxiety response increasing body temperature and sweating.

Keep the waxing studio cool. A warm environment will make the client uncomfortable, will make the wax more difficult to remove and will slow down the process.


Article Written by Cali VanAelst, National Training Director at Perron Rigot Inc., 08 June 2022.