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Build a Male Waxing Clientele


Waxing was once thought to be something exclusive for woman. This is no longer the case. Men are receiving waxing services in record numbers. Male waxing salons are popping up nationwide. Men’s waxing has become so mainstream that most men receive waxing services to date. The most popular waxing service for men is eyebrow and back waxing. If you do not yet offer men’s waxing, you are missing the boat. 

Where to begin if you haven’t been waxing men but want to build a male clientele.


1. Begin with your current clients

Ask your current clients for referrals. Ask them to send their brother, husband, or boyfriend. Referrals are the best way to start building a male clientele. People also like to come together for their appointments-double the clients. So easy! Once the word is out that you are offering male waxing services, people will spread the word. 


2. Marketing! Communication about your waxing services.

Male waxingAnnounce it! You cannot grow a business of new services if people are unaware of the services that you are now offering. Hop onto social media outlets to announce the exciting news of the new services being offered. Or host an event such as a Father’s Day Clean Up special or Men’s Night Out promotion that is catered to men. Google ads and local groups are also a great place to highlight your services and recruit more male clients.



3. Add-on services.

Whether you are a barber, hair stylist or esthetician, add-on services pack a punch when it comes to client satisfaction. Choose add-on services that take little time. Not only is this lucrative but goes a long way to build your male clientele. For men who have never received an ear or nose wax, they may not know they need it or how much they will love it. Once they receive it, they will include it with every future appointment. Even waxing between the eyebrows offers an instant result that men will love. Adding a $25 service to 4 clients a day will bring in $24,000 of additional revenue per year!! Plus, satisfied, and happy clients


4. Start off slowly.

54If you aren’t ready to dive into male Brazilian waxing, that’s ok. Decide what are the best waxing services for your demographic and for your business model. You might want to start small with eyebrows, nose or ears. Even the nape of the neck is an easy area to wax, and men will love results. Back and chest waxing is highly popular and will bring clients into your waxing studio for sure. So many men shave their chest and shoulders. This leads to stubble and irritation. Plus, shaving only keeps the area smooth for one day. But they may not know the benefits of waxing or that it is an option for them. Once they wax, they will never go back to shaving. Male Brazilian waxing takes skill and once you have the education you need, you will be busy! Men are looking for service providers who offer Brazilian waxing. Adding male intimate waxing will drive your business to the next level!


Article Written by Cali VanAelst, National Training Director at Perron Rigot Inc., 22 June 2022